The outside temperature has gotten a bit cooler recently.  The sky is cloudy with patches of blue sky to be found here and there.  And the bright green grass was casually blowing around by the gentle afternoon breeze.  So what should we do today?  I spent some time surfing the Internet and soon it will be time to fix myself some lunch.  What happens today after lunch though?  I'm not sure.  I'm sure I'll figure that out as the day progresses.  I don't normally function without some semblance of a plan.  I normally have a vague plan in place.  Sometimes the vague structure of a plan falls apart and then it will be time to improvise something else instead.  Though I'm sure the vague structure of a plan will work itself out.  Confidence is key.  But first, it's time to enjoy some lunch before getting started with this afternoon's activities.
And as I'm lost in thought on a cool Autumn afternoon, here are some photos of Nicole Richie.

 Sophia Rivka Rossi and Nicole Richie

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