A school teacher named Paula Andrews and a six time Emmy Award winning television journalist named Steven Andrews were the parents when Erin Andrews was born in Lewiston, Maine on May 4, 1978.   Erin Andrews didn't stay in Lewiston, Maine for long when her family relocated to Tampa, Florida when NBC affiliated WFLA-TV offered Steven Andrews a better job reporting the local evening news at their station instead of the one located in Lewiston, Maine.  Education for Erin Andrews were found at Bloomingdale High School located near Tampa, Florida at Valrico, Florida while additional education was found at Brandon School of Dance Arts located in in Seffner, Florida.  With High School ended in 1996, it was off to the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida where she graduated in 2000.  Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications which she acquired at the University of Florida, Erin Andrews started work at the FOX Network as a freelance journalist before finding permanent employment at the Sunshine Network covering Tampa Bay Lightening Hockey games between 2001 to 2002.  Between 2002 to 2004 she switched to the Turner South Network covering Atlanta Braves Baseball, Atlanta Thrashers Hockey and Atlanta Hawks Basketball games in Atlanta, Georgia.  Erin Andrews switched to the ESPN Network from 2004 to 2012.  While spending nine years at ESPN, she covered ESPN National Hockey Night, College World Series, Great Outdoor Games and the Little League World Series.  She became a sideline reporter for Big Ten College Basketball Games along with ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime and later sideline reporting for Major League Baseball along with ESPN College Football Thursday Primetime.   Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy finished third out of eleven couples in the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars on 2010.
Erin Andrews left ESPN to return to FOX Network this time as a studio cohost for Fox College Football and FOX NFL Sunday as well as field reporting for Daytona 500, NFL Playoffs coverage, the World Series coverage and Major League Baseball All Star Game.  She later became cohost for Fox College Football Kickoff and Fox College Saturday.  Erin Andrews became cohost for the reality television game show series Dancing with the Stars on February 23, 2014.
There was trouble with celebrity stalker Michael David Barrett.  Starting in 2008, Michael David Barrett managed to get a hotel room next to Erin Andrews hotel room primarily at the Nashville, Tennessee located Marriott Hotel as well as the Milwaukee, Wisconsin located Radisson Hotel.  Michael David Barrett removed the peephole of her hotel room and inserted a hidden camera disguised as a peephole instead.  Michael David Barrett then used the fake peephole camera to film Erin Andrews undressing and then dressing herself.  One of the illegally filmed nudity films that Michael David Barrett filmed then ended up online.  He was arrested and later sentenced on March 15, 2010 with punishment including $7,366 in restitution, $5,000 in fines, thirty months (Two and a half years) in jail and three years of probation.  Erin Andrews then filed a lawsuit on October 2015 against Michael David Barrett, Marriott Hotels, Radisson Hotels and five other entities for invasion of privacy and seeking $75 million in damages.  In other words Michael David Barrett has to pay $12,366 in damages to the Federal Government as well as having to pay $75 million in damages to Erin Andrews for invading her privacy by making a pornographic film of her undressing and dressing herself without her permission.  Credit Cards, money orders, checks and cash payments will be accepted in a timely manner as enforced by legal statute.  Erin Andrews is still seeking to locate and forever destroy the illegally made pornographic film of her undressing and dressing.  Anybody found by the Federal Government having their jollies watching the illegally made pornographic film of Erin Andrews undressing and dressing could find themselves sued for $75 million (Or perhaps higher (It depends on how psychologically damaged that you watching the illegally made film of Erin Andrews undressing and dressing herself has made her)).  As always, credit cards, money orders, checks and cash payments will be accepted in a timely manner as enforced by legal statute.
Erin Andrews continues her journalism sports casting career for the FOX Network at this exact moment of time.

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