#18 Ashlyn Harris, #4 Becky Sauerbrunn, #16 Lori Chalupny, #12 Lauren Holliday, #19 Julie Johnson, #6, Whitney Engen, #9 Heather O'Reilly, #7 Shannon Boxx, #15 Megan Rapinoe, #13 Alex Morgan, #1 Hope Solo, #8 Amy Rodriguez, #5 Kelley O'Hara, #23 Christine Press, #21 Alyssa Naeher, #14 Morgan Brian, #22 Meghan Klingenberg, #11 Ali Krieger, #20 Abby Wambach, #10 Carli Lloyd, #2 Sydney Leroux, #3 Christine Rampone and #17 Tobin Heath are the current incarnation of the United States Women's Soccer Team.  After winning the World Cup, the United States Women's Soccer Team are on their way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games located in South America.
But first, captain Christie Rampone, Sydney Leroux, Christen Press, Abby Wambach, and Morgan Brian are going to rest for a little bit.
The rest of the United States Women's Soccer Team is already dressed in their uniforms, they are mobilized and they're ready for action.  There is no way any of them will let anything drag them down.  Heck, they are women on mission to win a few more soccer games. 

#11 Ali Krieger, #20 Abby Wambach, #3 Christie Rampone and #18 Ashlyn Harris walked across the Soccer Field and towards the Women's Locker Room. 
Abby said, "You know that I hate to disrupt what will be a really good practice, but I thought I saw an unauthorized person try to sneak into the Women's Locker Room.  It might be a good idea for Ali and Ashlyn to check it out."
Ashlyn said, "Why am I always the first to check out an unknown trespasser?  Why can't it be Christine instead of me." Ali faced Ashlyn and said, "You're always the first to be sent because you're the most important."
Ashlyn said, "Either that or I'm the most expendable." Ali said, "You can't keep thinking that way." Christine said, "I can check this out with Ali instead of Ashlyn." Abby said, "You're needed on the field to keep things from falling apart." 
 Ashlyn said, "I guess I'll check it out if Ali is coming along."
Ali said, "Of course I'm coming along."
Christine asked, "Are you sure I can't make it a threesome?"
Abby said, "You're much needed here on the filed."
Christine said with a groan, "I guess I'll stay here then."  Christine faced Ali and Ashlyn before she added, "Sorry I can't join you two in the Women's Locker Room."
Ashlyn said, "It's probably nothing much anyway so I wouldn't worry about it."
 #3 Christie Rampone walked towards  #15 Megan Rapinoe as they both walked away from the Women's Locker Room and towards the other side of the Soccer Field.
Chistine said, "It appears as if practice is delayed while Ali and Ashlyn is checking something out."
Megan said, "I'm surprised the two of us wasn't sent in to help out."
Christine said, "The two of us probably would be sent in if things get too bad, but I doubt anything of the sort is ever going to happen."
 Megan said, "I hate delays.  What does the unauthorized intruder need from the Women's Locker Room anyway?"
Christine said, "Besides bras and panties you mean."
Megan said, "Oh Goddess, I hope it isn't that type of unauthorized intruder."
Christine said, "I guess we'll find out sooner or later." Megan said, "I'd prefer later instead of sooner." Christine said, "We don't always get what we want."
Megan said, "Yeah, I guess so."
#18 Ashlyn Harris, #1 Hope Solo and #21 Alyssa Naeher walked side by side across the field towards the Broken Glass Champion.  Ashlyn was number one on the list.  Hope Solo was number eleven on the list.  Alyssa Naeher was number fifteen on the list.  Broken Glass Champion isn't on the list. Hope asked, "What the Hell are you doing here?" Broken Glass Champion replied, "I thought the Dandelion Girls are extinct." Hope replied, "Mia Hamm decided to have the group resurrected to avenge the girls who are permanently killed.  I guess it's your unlucky day." Broken Glass Champion said, "Or it's my lucky day since I have to defeat all three of you girls." Ashlyn said, "Oh please, as if you ever stood a chance against us girls." Alyssa said, "Ashlyn alone could defeat you without any effort with a minimal effort."
Broken Glass Champion said, "I only need one of you girls to prove that to me."
Hope said, "All three of us girls can fight you right now."
Broken Glass Champion said, "I only need to fight one of you since it only takes one of you to defeat me.  Choose which of you gets to fight me first."
Alyssa said, "So you expect Hope and Ashlyn to just stand there while I beat up and kill you."
Broken Glass Champion replied, "If you want to fight me first, then Hope and Ashlyn will have to stand there and watch while we fight each other."
Ashlyn faced Alyssa before she said, "You don't have to agree to this."
 Alyssa said, "Us girls can't allow this challenge to go unanswered."
Ashlyn said, "Us girls can allow this challenge to go unanswered if it leads to us girls getting wiped out one by one."
Alyssa said, "Oh please, as if that will ever happen."
Broken Glass Champion said, "I'm getting impatient.  One of you girls better fight me to the death right now."
Hope said, "I'll do it if Alyssa refuses to do it."
Alyssa said, "It's ok, I'll fight the jerk."
Hope said, "There we go.  I knew you would agree."
 #21 Alyssa Naeher walked towards Broken Glass Champion and she punched him.  She smiled as she punched him five more times as he fell to the ground.  She kicked him as he dropped to his knees before she kicked him twice and punched him once.
Alyssa said, "You're not doing so well.  Do you want me to stop?"
Broken Glass Champion said, "That's not necessary, I'll defeat you soon enough."
 Broken Glass Champion stood up and he punched Alyssa in the stomach once before he kicked her twice.  Alyssa doubled over in pain as she fell to the ground face down.
#21 Alyssa Naeher was unconscious, but still alive.  He was about to kill her, but #18 Ashlyn Harris and #1 Hope Solo approached him.  He walked backwards as the two girls walked forward.
Hope said, "You should never have done that to Alyssa.  Ashlyn and I are about to tell you why."
Ashlyn said, "Hope and I will enjoy beating you up together."
 Broken Glass Champion said, "But you two girls claimed that Ashlyn can do it all by herself.  Only one of you two girls should attack me to prove that."
Hope said, "Fine, I'll attack you myself if that's what you want."
Ashlyn said, "I'd feel better if us girls did it together."
Hope said, "It's ok, I know what I'm doing."
Ashlyn said, "I don't want to end up being the first of the twenty-three girls to die."
Hope said, "Nothing of the sort is going to happen."
Ashlyn said, "I'm not as confident as you are."
Broken Glass Champion said, "Come on Hope, it's time to prove to Ashlyn how hopeless it is to assume that both of you girls has a chance at survival."
 Hope Solo approached him alone.  She tried to punch him and he blocked her blow.  He punched her twice and she doubled over in pain.  She tried to escape, but he grabbed her from behind and tried to throttle her to death.  Hope rammed her left elbow as he was distracted by Ashlyn's sexual beauty.  He doubled over in pain as Hope escaped his murder attempt against her.
He punched Hope twice as she tried to walk away from her victimizer.  Hope walked towards the bleachers and she fell face first into the bleachers.
Hope proved how hopeless it was to attack him when she fell unconscious as she lay face first on the bleachers.  He was unable to kill Hope Solo because Ashlyn's sexual beauty continued to distract him.  So he walked towards Ashlyn Harris. Ashlyn said, "I changed my mind.  We don't need to fight each other."
He replied, "We need to fight each other."
Broken Glass Champion punched Ashlyn Harris and she fell face up to the ground and she lay unconscious.  He walked over Ashlyn Harris as the need to kill #15 Megan Rapinoe distracted him from finishing off and killing Ashlyn.  Megan was number nine on the list. Megan said, "Hey look, I wasn't even part of the argument you were having with Alyssa, Hope and Ashlyn.  So don't go looking for a fight against me." Broken Glass Champion said, "It's too late.  You're already on the list of girls who needs to be killed.  Now I must follow through and kill you."
Broken Glass Champion punched Megan and she winced in pain.  She tried to punch him and he blocked her blow.  He punched her twice, kicked her three times and punched her five times.  Megan fell to the ground first on her left side before lying down face down without moving.  He was about to kill her when he saw #18 Ashlyn Harris standing up and walking towards the Women's Locker Room.  The unconscious #15 Megan Rapinoe gets to live a bit longer.
#7 Shannon Boxx, #20 Abby Wambach, #18 Ashlyn Harris, and #3 Christie Rampone stood side by side as their continued survival distracted Broken Glass Champion from his need to kill Mia Hamm.  And for that reason alone, all four girls needs to die.  Shannon Boxx is number eight on the list.  Abby Wambach is number nineteen on the list.  Ashlyn is number one on the list.  Christine is number twenty-two on the list.
Abby said, "I don't know what us girls have done to provoke this much homicidal anger against us, but us girls needs to shut it down right now."
Christine said, "Which is why Ashlyn agreed to be the first of us four girls to attack Broken Glass Champion."
Ashlyn said, "Please don't make me the first girl to attack and try to kill Broken Glass Champion.  I nearly died the last time I tried to kill him and the next time he attacks me might be the fatal killing blow that kills me."
Shannon said, "It doesn't matter which of us four girls attacks and tries to kill him first because all four of us girls will be attacked and nearly killed if you fail to attack and kill him a second time and end up getting yourself killed a third time he attacks you."
Ashlyn said, "Then perhaps we should attack Broken Glass Champion as a four girl unit."
Abby said, "I'll kill you myself if you don't attack Broken Glass Champion first."
Ashlyn said with a groan, "Fine, if you insist."
Abby said, "Please try to be a bit more enthusiastic about this."
Ashlyn said, "I'd be more enthusiastic if there wasn't the potential for this much fatalities against us girls.  It would've been better if us girls escaped justice while we still could."
Shannon said, "I refuse to allow a bunch of girl hating jerks chase me away.  Us girls needs to fight back while we still can."
Abby said, "I'll never live with myself if I escaped justice without fighting Broken Glass Champion to the death."
Christine said, "I feel the same way as Abby.  We need to stay and fight that creep while we still can before us girls are wiped out one by one all the way down to zero."
Broken Glass Champion punched Christine and she doubled over in pain.  Christine punched him twice before she kicked him three times.
 Christine said, "I might need some help with this girls."
Ashlyn said, "I thought you had this creep under control?"
Broken Glass Champion said, "She had this creep under control before he knocked her friend unconscious."
Ashlyn asked, "Who was the friend that was knocked unconscious?"
Broken Glass Champion said, "That girl happens to be you."
 Broken Glass Champion punched Ashlyn Harris in the stomach and she doubled over in pain.  Ashlyn Harris fell face first unconscious.
Broken Glass Champion faced Christine.  Christine tried to punch him and he blocked her blow.  He punched her in the stomach five times before kicking her once.  He punched her two more times.
 He kicked Christine twice and she found herself falling to the ground backwards.
Christie Rampone closed her eyes and she fell unconscious.
Shannon said, "Well, that was unexpected."
Abby said, "Don't be so discouraged.  It changes nothing.  The two of us girls still needs to kill Broken Glass Champion or die trying."
Shannon said, "You're not even a bit discouraged by this."
Abby said, "None of us girls died yet so there's still hope."
Becky Sauerbrunn approached Shannon Boxx and Abby Wambach.
Becky said, "You two girls look you need help."
Shannon said, "You came at a good time."
Becky said, "So which of us girls gets to attack first."
Abby faced Becky and said, "Either Shannon or yourself should attack first.  I'll attack third once Shannon and yourself is knocked unconscious."
Shannon said, "We need a better strategy than the one you got."
Broken Glass Champion said, "It looks like a good strategy to me."
Broken Glass Champion punched Shannon Boxx and she fell to the ground unconscious.
Becky Sauerbrunn and Abby Wambach looked at Broken Glass Champion.  Both girls needs to be knocked unconscious.
Becky said, "I guess it's my turn to be knocked unconscious before you are knocked unconscious."
Abby said, "Don't fail me and get knocked unconscious.  It will be impossible for me to survive if it turns out that I'm an easy girl to knock unconscious."
Becky said, "I'm not unconscious and defeated yet."
Abby said, "And we need to keep it that way."
Becky said, "But I'm still attacking Broken Glass Champion first."
Abby said, "I'm doomed to watch you fall, but you'll never get to see me fall."
Alex Morgan snuck behind Broken Glass Champion.  He walked backwards and felt women's breasts pressed against his spine.  He spun around and punched Alex in the stomach several times.  Alex released a groan before she fell to the ground in a crumpled heap.
 Alex Morgan was helped up by Meghan Klingenberg.  At first, it looked as if Alex Morgan was going to recover and be able to attack Broken Glass Champion again.  Then he would have to attack Alex Morgan and keep attacking her until she was both unconscious and unable to prevent Meghan Klingenberg from being knocked unconscious.
 Alex said, "It's too late.  He defeated me.  Don't let him defeat you too."
Alex slipped from Meghan's fingers and she lay down on the ground.
Meghan said, "Stay with me Alex."
Alex said, "You must attack and get yourself knocked unconscious to distract him from killing me."
Alex lay on the ground face down while pressing her vagina and her breasts on the ground before she slipped unconscious.
Meghan Klingenberg, Morgan Brian and Carli Lloyd stood alongside each other and faced him directly.  All three girls must be attacked and either knocked unconscious or murdered. 
Meghan said, "Did you see what he did to poor Alex?  He shouldn't be allowed to get away with it."
Carli faced Meghan before she said, "I agree.  Either Morgan or yourself should attack him first.  I'll attack him third.  Then it's Becky Sauerbrunn and Abby Wambach turn to be attacked and knocked unconscious.  It's still possible for Abby Wambach to avoid being knocked unconscious as long as all three of us is avoid being knocked unconscious.  However, both Morgan and you need to die before Abby Wambach can be defeated and killed."
Meghan said, "Oh wow, that's a cheerful thought."
Morgan said, "That's the consequences of being born a cute and adorable girl."
Meghan said, "I suppose so."
Carli said, "So should Meghan go before Morgan or should Morgan go before Meghan."
Meghan said, "We can do this alphabetically instead of numerically."
Morgan said, "We can play rock, paper and scissors."
Broken Glass Champion grabbed Meghan Klingenberg and tossed her against Morgan Brian causing both girls to fall down on the ground initially on top of each other before lying next to each other.
Morgan Brian and Meghan Klingenberg closed their eyes and fell unconscious.
Time for Carli Lloyd to be attacked and knocked unconscious.
Carli looked at Broken Glass Champion and she smiled.  Broken Glass Champion looked at Carli and he smiled.
Carli said, "I guess it's just the two of us."
Broken Glass Champion said, "I'd rather either kill you or knock you unconscious.  I must defeat you before you get the chance to escape."

#11 Ali Krieger and #18 Ashlyn Harris are best friends and they do almost everything together.  #18 Ashlyn Harris is number one on the list and #11 Ali Krieger is number eighteen on the list.  They heard somebody entering the Women's Locker Room of the Soccer Arena and they chose to give the brand new arrival a warm and enthusiastic welcome the best way they know how. 
Ashlyn looked at Ali.  Ali said, "I heard that you were successfully knocked unconscious."
Ashlyn replied, "It was an unfortunate setback that won't be repeated."
Ali replied, "It better now be repeated.
Ali looked at Ashlyn.  Ali said, "Why make us both walk all the way to the women's locker room when they can talk to us on the soccer field itself."
Ashlyn said, "I don't have a clue.  I was hoping you would have the answer to that question."
Ali said, "I wish I had the answer to the question."
#11 Ali Krieger and #18 Ashlyn Harris walked side by side deeper into the Women's Locker Room of the Soccer Arena.  Ali looked at Ashlyn.  Ashlyn looked at Ali. 
Ashlyn said, "The Women's Locker Room isn't a huge place.  I check out the lockers and you can check out the shower area.  We'll check back here in fifteen minutes."
Ali said, "Sounds like a plan to me."
#18 Ashlyn Harris watched as #11 Ali Krieger walked towards the shower area and vanished from sight.  Ashlyn walked slowly through the lockers before she sat down on a bench as she took a look around her.  She took a deep breath as she became confident that the perception that somebody entered the soccer arena was entirely in her head.  Yeah, it has been known to happen.  Ashlyn stood up when she thought she heard a noise.  She figured the noise belonged to a fault in the air conditioning and she sat back down again.
 Ashlyn played soccer for as long as she has known and she always played to win.  She was accustomed to any challenges she faced never lasted long.  And that much, she was proud of.
Broken Glass Champion approached Ashlyn and he stabbed her between her breasts.  Ashlyn looked at her victimizer with a wounded expression on her face as she was about to fall off her bench.  He stabbed her between her breasts three more times before she fell off her bench. 
 Ashlyn said, "Why did you murder me?"
Broken Glass Champion replied, "I killed you because you were number one on the list of girls who needs to die once and for all."
Ashlyn said, "Please spare my life.  I promise to do better."
Broken Glass Champion said, "It's too late.  I need to kill you."
#18 Ashlyn Harris closed her eyes and she died.  Ashlyn was number one on the list of girls who needs to die and she's now legally dead. 
#4 Becky Sauerbrunn approached and then stood side by side by #11 Ali Krieger.  Becky is number two on the list of girls who needs to die and Ali is number eighteen on the list of girls who needs to die.  Becky had no idea that the time for her to die has now arrived.
Ali said, "Ashlyn has vanished.  I need you to make sure that she isn't legally dead." Becky said, "Why can't you check on Ashlyn?" Ali said, "Because I need to check out the shower stall area and Ashlyn was checking on the lockers.  If Ashlyn is killed before she can complete her inspection of the lockers, then the Girl Killing, Woman Hating Posse has taken over the lockers area of the Women's Locker Room.  If Ashlyn is legally dead, then you need to inspect the lockers area of the Women's Locker Room area to prevent that area from falling into the hands of the Girl Killing, Woman Hating Posse.  The only way to stop you from doing so is to kill you." Becky said, "Don't worry, I won't let you down." 
  #4 Becky Sauerbrunn  was overwhelmed with doom as she walked away from #11 Ali Krieger and walked towards the lockers area of the Women's Locker Room.  Becky is about to die.
Mia Hamm's effort to resurrect the Dandelion Girls as the new and improved Supreme Commander is about to fail with all the Dandelion Girls following her dead and herself being murdered.  She already lost one of the girls following her to a murder attack.  Mia Hamm watched Broken Glass Champion enter the Women's Locker Room.  Mia saw him, but he wasn't aware of her presence. 
Mia Hamm can't be attacked and killed until all twenty-three girls following her has been attacked and murdered.  Mia smiled with arrogant pride as her death scene was delayed a few minutes longer.
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